Network game

Stimulating interchange between different organisations in the arena of safety and security in order to create new professional standards based upon common understanding

Exchanging Expertise and Knowledge by sophisticated educational services making optimal use of technological possibilities

3DE5 framework

Implementing the 3DE5 Framework (Goal setting, Think patterns, Behaviour in relation to five essentials (Body, Collaboration, Status, Identity, Knowledge) in the context of Action Learning.

Using the variety of behavioural concepts of the 3DE5 Framework in a coherent manner to stimulate professionalism of public and corporate organisations.

Alter reality

Developing an alter reality for police officers and other safety professionals (25/7), consisting of a growing number of domains, spheres and levels where missions can be assigned for learning purposes

Stimulating and conditioning the phased development of an alter reality, known as 25/7, due to drip feed impulses and a continuous development of realistic cases